Let’s write your success story.

A dedicated and expert team of designers and developers collaborate in your project, making it the perfect billboard for you in the digital world. 

No matter if you are an individual, a small business, or a renowned organization, a strategically developed website can boost your credibility and authority a thousandfold.


A website is a must-have for a business in the current era. A well-built website will not just get you more clients, but also will increase your credibility.

Personal Websites

Freelancers, Individual creators, and anyone can have various benefits from a website. With options suiting anyone, your name will reach higher with us.

E-commerce Websites

The world of E-commerce has experienced substantial growth recently. Join with the parade with the most updated and scalable solutions fitting your needs

Web App Development

There are web apps to conduct most of the daily tasks online. Have an idea that needs a secure and fast solution? You are in the right place.

What Can We Do

With talents covering all the domains of web development, here are some areas that we can work on.

who we are

Zag Officials are dedicated
to providing you

Efficient Developments

The developments are clean and fast. With the best practices of the field, we tend to deliver the best output possible. We love that ‘WOW’ effect from you and always try to achieve that level.

Quality Content

The content on the website will be reviewed by a professional quality checker. Therefore, the images, the text, and all other elements will be of a sophisticated level.

Secure Solutions

We value your security a lot. That’s why we make all our developments hacker-proof. With daily backups and snapshots, you can get back to where you were in case anything ever goes wrong.

Sustainable platforms

Every solution should last long. Zag Officials always sustain their solutions with regular updates and by following best practices. You can sit back and relax without worrying about what will happen next.

What we've done

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  • Web Development

Continuous Management

We offer management of your websites and leave you with no worries about continuing the updates and maintenance of the site.

Ideation and Research

We analyze the project based on your inputs and draft what we can do for you. Then we delve deeper into the topic to make a finalized report.

Deploying and implementation

When you approve the developed solution, we will then deploy the solution into your live server and you can sit back and enjoy the output.

Our Process


We communicate with the clients to clearly understand what they need and like. This process is all about understanding the problem.

Reporting the findings

The researched findings will be reported to you and also with the decisions we've made so far regarding the solution

Outputting a prototype of the solution

With the research conducted, we make a mockup/prototype of the solution. We then forward it to you to get feedback and improve it.


Based on your feedback, improving the prototype comes next. We loop this stage until you are well satisfied with the solution

Design and Development

After the prototype is finalized, we develop the website in a live server where you or anyone with the link and access.


Website development is not something we can specify a fixed price for. Every project is different from the others. That’s why we offer the ability for you to contact us first with your request. We can then create a tailored quotation matching your needs and the scope of the job. We believe that every project is unique in its own way and we can not generalize the amount of work and importance into some packages and do the same thing for every project. That’s why we have decided to get the information from you first and then talk about the price.