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About the Project

The client runs a gym for women. She needed to provide information about her classes, gym fees, and a system where women can enroll in her classes.

She needed to make the website simple and pretty straightforward. She was planning to run a blog on fitness topics, diets, and other topics around the gym industry.

Her current clientele was mainly from social media. As she was pretty successful on social media, she wanted to redirect visitors from her website to social media to gain more traction in her social media accounts.

Overall, the client needed something appealing to women who seeking to be fit and currently looking for a gym only for women.

Our Ideas and Outputs

Based on the details that the client provided, we researched and came up with a persona. The client very much agreed with it. Following is a short version of the said persona.

“Susan is an upper-mid classed woman who is somewhat busy in her lifestyle. She has a dream to be independent, providing support to her husband. She has several businesses and a part-time occupation as well. She is looking for a streamlined way of attending a gym, which can help her be more healthy and fit.”

With that, we went on and researched the suitable colors that we should use on the site. After a proper analysis, according to the persona, the visitor should be warmed by the impression of the website. She should feel energetic and cheerful. Therefore, we decided to go with orange.
Orange is a

combination of yellow and red and is considered an energetic color. Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.

We then went on to develop the site after the approval from the client.

Colors Used

Web Dev Colors


Headings: Futura BK BT

Body Copy With Poppins

We decided to move with FUTURA for headings in order to achieve a minimalist and elegant design aesthetic. For the body copy, we considered readability and clarity more and decided to go with Poppins.

Client Feedback

“The output was very high quality. They understood my requirement fluently and worked on a small brief that I provided them.
They handled everything from 0 to hero. Though my interference was limited, no issues or revisions were required. They did not limit themselves with my brief. Their first email to me was saying that they are researching based on my brief. Next, I got the best project brief a client could ever send. Basically, they did what I had to do.

They provided an amazing report on the website. It had stuff like why they chose orange to be the dominant color, why Futura as the font and etc.

Overall, I am very happy with what I got. I definitely recommend these guys for any job. Friendly and knowledgeable.”

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