Web Development For Velona Marketing

Web Development For Velona Marketing

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About the Client

Our team of Web Designers and Developers contacted the representatives from Velona Marketing to understand their company, services and requirements. As per the information provided we learnt that:


Velona Marketing is a Marketing Agency that is based in the UK. They specialise is rendering services related to:

  • Direct Marketing
  • Optimization of Marketing Strategies
  • Integration of Marketing tools such as Hubspot and Active Campaign
  • UX Improvement
  • Branding

Client Requirements

At Zag, we treat every task with due respect, be it a simple logo design or the design and development of an entire Website.

What Velona Marketing needed was an easy-to-access, yet sophisticated landing page. They specified that they required:

  • A Single Landing page that conveyed to their target audience about the company, their services and uniqueness.

Our Response

Our Designers are well equipped with profound knowledge on the implementation of Web design techniques and the application of the latest and most effective tools and softwares. We decided to create something trendy, unique and accessible for Velona Marketing in order to boost their brand image and appeal to their target audience.

A landing page is an important aspect in  brand marketing campaigns as it is the destination many users are directed to if they’re interested in the services/products a company offers. Therefore, even though we didn’t have to deal with complexities of designing a whole website, our designers had to put in much thought and effort to be able to convey, persuade and enlighten potential customers about Velona Marketing’s services.


In addition our Designers added value to the Landing page by:

  • Using user-friendly and approachable fonts like Quicksand.
  • Added images and illustrations that were appealing
  • In order to create responsiveness and make sure all elements are visible on different devices we maintained a 1600px rate.


The Client was pleased that our work on the Landing page mirrored their brand image accurately and clearly conveyed to their target audience about the uniqueness of their services. They especially praised the speed optimization of the site as well as appreciated the new and improved user interface we provided.

About the company

Velona Marketers is an established digital marketing agency based in Australia. They have a leadership team of 4 people and 20 more team members under each lead. Whilst providing services to their clients, they also provide education to newbies in the field who are willing to learn from experienced and seasoned marketing experts. The company provides a number of services ranging from social media marketing to technical SEO.

Project Brief

This website was meant to be a landing page targeting the company’s digital marketing course. The company needed an elegant design that is easy to navigate and absorb for a visitor. The main goal of this landing page was to get more people to sign up with their subscription service and learn. They also had a motive of hiring the top three students of the course as intern marketers.

Click here to see a staged area for the website we developed

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