Web Development for Lawyer House Group

Web Development for Lawyer House Group

Affordable Web Development in Sri Lanka

About the Client

We took the initial steps towards rendering an efficient service by meeting with our Client company virtually to connect with our client, get to know their services and understand their requirements precisely. We gathered that Lawyer House is a soliciting company located in New York, America that specializes in the fields of business law, employment law, and insurance defence. They are known for their exceptional legal services that revolve around the values of Honesty, Integrity, Diversity and Trust. Lawyer House has served over a thousand clients during the course of a decade and has relied solely on referrals for obtaining new clients. After considering modern Marketing methods and realizing that the best platform for exposure is Online, Lawyer House decided to get their own website and chose Zag Officials to undertake this important task.

Client Requirements

Our team of Designers, Developers and Content Creators work in sync to create websites that not only attain customer satisfaction but also help gain exposure, brand awareness and subsequently, success. 

Lawyer House gave us a clear picture of what they required including: 

  • A single-page website that featured:
  • An uncomplicated UI that was User friendly.
  • A layout that was modern yet clean. 
  • Bold colours that depicted company values.

Our Response

A website for a Law firm wasn’t something that we could take lightly. As much as every project is equally important for Team Zag, this was unique in its aspects as we couldn’t use any elements that seemed too promotional. It needed to be informative instead of persuasive and this required a clever combination of tools, software, illustrations and graphics. Our team focused on: 

  • Colour palette- brown with hints of red to depict the senses of legality, trustworthiness and dedication. 
  • Simplicity with a flair- An elegant website that was accessorised with easy to update features and elements.

The Process

In order to attain the most successful outcomes, we at Zag focus on acing each step of the process. We make sure to connect with the client and obtain approval, so that we can maintain transparency, communication and render an exceptional service.


-Designed the UI with attention to user Experience metrics and got it approved by the client. 

– Used WordPress for the development. 

– Integrated HotJar to track the user behaviour

-Added in GTM for analytics.


Lawyer House commended the team at Zag for designing and developing a website that spoke of their services and values in a subtle, yet informative way. The thought put into the colour palette and the attention to detail in the graphical elements and features were very much appreciated.

About the company

Lawyer House is a soliciting company located in New York, America. A team of 4 lawyers is running the company with a vast number of focus areas such as business law, employment law, and insurance defense. Honesty, Reliability, and elegance are their business values and they try to showcase those in everything they do. The company was mainly running from referral clients and from physical ad campaigns over a couple of years and was waiting for a remodel in its marketing methods.

Project Brief

The project was aimed to develop sustainable marketing material for all the services that the company provides. based on that, a decision was made to develop a simple website and advertise the services via social media presence which was also in the scope of the project

Click Here to see a staged area for the website we developed

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