User Interface Design for Helper Zen Handymans

User Interface Design for Helper Zen Handymans

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About the Client

Before we set out to cater to our client’s needs, it is essential that we get to know our client and their company in order to provide an efficient service. We were able to gather that:

HelperZen is a relatively new company that’s located in Winnipeg, Canada. They focus on rendering reliable, secure services and are dedicated to completing every task with excellence. They offer handyman services which include plumbing, electricity, painting, and more. HelperZen’s mission is to make people’s lives more convenient and easier to manage by providing handyman professionals at a reasonable price.

Client Requirements

We met with our client- HelperZen to discuss and comprehend what they wanted the website to look like and their expectations. They were quite particular about their requirements and provided us with the following guidelines to be implemented as part of the design:

  • A website design that was fresh but reliable and long-lasting. Something that won’t require frequent updates or is going to get outdated because of constant trend changes.
  • A simple, responsive, clean, and user-friendly UI that met SEO standards. The client stressed that he didn’t want anything over the top or complicated. He needed something that was easily accessible not only on PCs but mobile devices as well, whilst also keeping in mind SEO algorithms so the website would rank well.
  • Our Response

    At Zag, we are committed to not just meeting customer expectations but are focused on exceeding them, which is why we put our best tools forward to design a website that not only guarantees customer satisfaction but is bound to create brand awareness and conversions. Here’s what we did to bring about the ‘wow’ factor:

  • We initiated the process by assessing the target audience of the client to get a deeper understanding of user-profiles and preferences. We were able to gather that the client’s target audience consisted mostly of homeowners and landlords, therefore we needed to create something that was uncomplicated and easy to use.
  • We used design templates and structures that conveyed to the audience how the client could help improve their homes and workspaces. We used effective graphics and images for further illustration.
  • To further persuade the audience our design team created a spa d where the audience was given proof of the client’s work in numbers. Eg: X number of homes repaired.
  • In order to promote a sense of connectivity and tap into the subconscious mind of the target audience we worked around the color orange with a hint of gold to represent the qualities of HelperZen’s handymen:
  • Vitality
  • Energy
  • Self-control and security
  • Energy and Enthusiasm
  • The Process

    We implemented a step-by-step process to ensure that the Web design is produced efficiently. Our designers implemented the following steps:

  • We created a sitemap and built an efficient interlinking path in order to distribute page authority effectively throughout the website.
  • Our designers applied the 8 column design grid to ensure that all the elements in each page were aligned.
  • We also built visual hierarchies in order to draw the user’s attention to particular aspects that were of significance.
  • There was ample use of whitespace to ascertain that all the elements were clearly visible.
  • Conclusion

    Our Client- HelperZen showed keen interest in our services after viewing our detailed proposal. We then progressed to designing the site they had envisioned for their company and exceeded the expectations of our Client by delivering more than they asked for. The site is indeed an epitome of simplicity with a flair that is bound to attract the attention of users and keep them engaged.

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