Page Redesign for Serious Business Solutions

Page Redesign for Serious Business Solutions

About the Client

We hosted a meeting with Nikolas, the founder of a Canadian company- Serious Business Solutions to obtain details regarding his company and requirements. He gave us a brief overview of the Company and the services they provide. In his description, he mentioned that Serious Business Solutions was situated in Winnipeg, Canada and that is focused on providing Businesses with solutions that set them up for success. These solutions included those related to Accounting and Finance such as: 

  • Financial modelling & Budgeting
  • Accounting and ERP systems
  • Data Entry, Bookkeeping and other services

 that were integrated with cutting edge technologies.

Client Requirements

Nikolas knew exactly what he wanted to make his Business- Serious Business Solutions to attain a strong Online presence. He wanted us to focus on giving the homepage of the Serious Business Solutions website a new and improved look and improvised features. To give our developers a clearer idea of what he required, the following guidelines were given: 

  • A professional and appealing home page. Nikolas wanted the page to spell out professionalism but also wanted the elements to appeal to his target audience. This included the addition of graphics and illustrations, font adjustments and a sophisticated colour palette. 
  • As much as he wanted the page to attract attention, he was particular that it didn’t distract from the important elements like the informative content. Our team of Developers was therefore instructed to limit the use of animations and flashy graphics and images.
  • Nikolas also wanted assistance from our SEO technicians to work on the site speed as well as the other aspects of SEO to make sure the website ranked high in search results.

Our Response

  • Our Developers decided to adjust the fonts in order to promote user-friendliness and approachability. 
  • We also implemented the use of gradients that helped smoothen the colour scheme. 
  • Our Developers paid special attention to detail as every minute detail counted in creating a big impact. 
  • Nikolas’s company revolved around the values of Reliability, Preciseness, Efficiency and integrated top-notch technologies in their services. Therefore our design and development of their website needed to reflect these qualities. A clever combination of tools and technologies were implemented by our specialised development team to achieve this.

The Process

  • Figma was our go-to choice of application to design the User Interface because of its usability and efficiency. 
  • For the development phase, our Developers chose the all-time favourite WordPress as well as Divi Page builder that is known for its simplicity and elegance. 
  • We wanted to test the effectiveness of the site and therefore conducted User Testing with a targeted audience and AB Testing.
  • Thereafter we implemented a few further improvements and the new home page was ready to go live. 
  • The Colours  we used 
  • Yellow(Bright Sun)- to attract the User
  • Blue (Azure)- to tone down the Bright yellow to make sure it didn’t distract.
  •  Black- for sophistication and elegance. 


Nikolas was more than satisfied with the work on the homepage from our Developers, Designers and SEO technicians, so much so that he assigned us our next project.

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