Booking Website for LifeLine Dispensary

Booking Website for LifeLine Dispensary

Doctor Website

About the Client

The Manager at LifeLine Doctors contacted Zag Officials for a Web Design and Development project. They inquired about our rates and packages, so we decided to host a virtual meeting for us to get a clearer idea of them, their services and Doctors as well as provide a rough estimate based on their requirements. While we discussed details we found out that: 

LifeLine Doctors was a Healthcare Center in Montreal, Canada. It was established as a Center for channelling Doctors of various specializations. Since it was a relatively new establishment, the Shareholders thought it might be worth spreading the word and creating an online presence through a website.

Client Requirements

The Zag Design and Development team work together to cater to customer requirements and bring about the best possible results that will help achieve targets. In the case of Lifeline Doctors, the target was to inform the general public of their services and Doctors. 

The guidelines that were given was rather straightforward: 

  • A single-page website 

for arranging consultations with patients.

  • A minimalistic layout with a professional look to it.

Our Response

Even though we had to minimize the use of sophisticated graphics and animations, we still wanted to provide a design that reflected the values and services of the Healthcare Center. To achieve this: 

  •  We used WordPress and Elementor Page Builder to develop the website.
  • Utilized Calendly Integrations and site redirects to automate the consultation booking process. 
  • The BuddyPress application was used  to create a chat system between the patient and the Doctor. 
  • In addition,we featured the “” feature to give instant virtual assistance to patients through the website.

The Process

The Process in this case was simple, but as always we were particular about maintaining consistency and attention to minute details throughout the layout. 

– Used Figma to design the User interface.

-WordPress with Elementor Page builder were utilized for the development.

– Utilized Calendly and created event types to fit in the requirements of the channelling centre precisely. 

–  Dusky Blue, Blue Bell, Rose Pink made up our colour palette for the layout to reflect the values of Care, Concern and Reliability. 

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