Accounting tec UI design

About the project

Accounting Tec is a firm that helps businesses to streamline their business procedures. They mainly focus on startup businesses and builds apps and frameworks for them to easily achieve success.

When reaching to us, they had a website built for themselves but as the proprietor, Jonathan Robinson pointed out, the UI lacked the clarity and the converting elements to it.

We were tasked with designing a better user interface and implementing it to the website in coordination with their development team. The project took about 2 weeks in total for the design and development and the outcome was satisfactory for both parties alike.

Our Ideas and Outputs

The Persona for the website, as we researched and provided, was a start-up businessman who is looking to automate his business. He knows how technology can help him and he knows what he’s after. He has a strict schedule and is straightforward.

Taking that into mind, we were tasked with making the website clear. The visitor should be able to see what service that this website offers. Due to that, we followed a minimalist design.

When choosing the color theme of the website, we needed to make sure that a stressful businessman who thrives for his business to succeed won’t be any more stressed with the colors and the design.
We decided to go with a blue-ish color theme.
As psychologists have pointed out, light blue makes a calming sensation. Bright blues are energizing and refreshing. Dark Blues like Navy blue creates a feeling of integrity, reliability, and honesty.

Following that research, we made the top part of the website light blue and bright blue making the visitor calm and refreshed. And when we scroll down to the contact us and the services sections. the color changes to a dark blue making the sensation of integrity and reliability.



Colors used

Accounting tec colors

Feedback from the client

A genuinely knowledgeable team with an eye for every existing issue and also for possible future issues. They had a pretty amazing research report and they did everything they could do to make my requirement fulfilled. Look no further people, The Zag Officials are amazing at what they do.

The delivery times are always met and state the timeline for the job prior to starting the job and every step is well documented with proper reasoning. Loved working with them. Definitely recommend.

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